Amsterdam-based five-star hotel built on modern-day pillars 


Hyatt Regency Spinoza Hotel , Amsterdam

Hurks disciplines involved:

A complicated job with an intensive schedule

According to an old Dutch song, ‘the big city of Amsterdam, is built on pillars’. And when it comes to the Hyatt Regency Spinoza Hotel at the Sarphatistraat, this involves 365 drilled pillars. The original wooden examples have actually been incorporated into the foundations, and part of the façade of the 19th Century former Emma Children's Hospital has also been retained. They are thus part of the structure and the exclusive ceramic façade, which Hurks is constructing at high speed for Emma Hotel C.V. in the heart of the lively city centre.


Chic on the Sarphatistraat

Glazes ceramic tiles a partnership between Aedes Real Estate, UBM Realitätentwicklung AG and the international hotel chain Hyatt. The shell of the hotel features six storeys and a basement, with a total GFA of 16,000 m2, and is being constructed using wide-panel floors and prefab elements. The structure is being built against the old façade and existing houses, with cavity walls featuring aluminium framework being introduced at a later time. The façade of the new building, which has been designed by Dongen-Koschuch, will stand out because of its glazed ceramic tiles and impressive glass features. Construction activities are being carried out based on an intensive schedule: from 07:00 to 19:00 o'clock on week days and until 15:00 o'clock on Saturdays.

“A good coordination and communication is half the battle ”

Construction tempo

Naturally, when building at such a tempo, a certain degree of coordination and communication with the surroundings is necessary. Hurks is arranging most of these coordination activities, considering our company is responsible for site design and logistics. And in the heart of Amsterdam, this is a task which cannot be taken lightly. Project leader Paul van Herk: “At such a location, this is a very comprehensive and complicated task. It requires a lot of interaction with the municipality, as well as nearby companies, shops, schools and - last but not least - people who live in the surroundings.”

ALSC plan

Before Hurks could start its activities, it first had to formulate, submit and explain its so-called ALSC plan (Accessibility, Liveability, Safety and Communication). Paul van Herk: “The plan was approved and is now being strictly implemented. And compliance is checked very closely around four times a week. De to safety and accessibility issues, we implement very strict planning when performing loading and unloading activities, which only take place outside peak hours. In addition, we are using newsletters to actively communicate with surrounding residents. But, in a densely populated area like Amsterdam city centre, it is impossible to construct a crane, operate diggers or finish off concrete floors without causing a little bit of inconvenience in the immediate surroundings. Effective preparation and communication is thus not only needed for the job, it also helps to avoid a lot of problems.” 

Hyatt Regency Spinoza Hotel

Hotel entrances on the Sarphatistraat open into the hotel lobby and the conference areas. The restaurant will have its own entrance at the Spinozastraat. The south-side of the hotel, which is fully compatible with BREEAM excellent, is located on the same street and faces large trees and greenery on the Singelgracht. Future hotel guests will be able to choose from 211 rooms, including 15 suites, conference facilities, a ballroom, bar & lounge, restaurant, a courtyard, gym & spa and the Hyatt Regency Club. The underground storey will feature the ‘back of house’ and the car park, which will offer circa 38 parking spaces.

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