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Tilburg Bastion Hotel, Tilburg


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A high-rise building in modern Bastion-style

Hurks has been increasingly active in the hotel sector recently. Hurks is currently working on the five-star Hyatt Regency Spinoza Hotel in the heart of Amsterdam and recently put the finishing touches to the newly built Tilburg Bastion Hotel. This is a high-rise building, in Bastion's modern style, for which Hurks realised the carcase, façade, roof and part of the demolition activities while the hotel remained operational. Because hotels are a 24/7 business and want to keep their guests satisfied – whether sleeping or awake, we had to adopt a very careful and delicate approach during our activities. “We were only welcome between 09:00 am and 17:30 pm.”

Guests at Bastion Hotels like to wake up in a bit of peace and tranquillity. And that is something director/owner of Bastion Hotels, Maik Willems, took into consideration. But that's because he's a man with a mission: to further roll out the concept behind the Bastion Hotel Group and make it match the needs of business guests staying in Bastion hotels. And he's been successful too; his independent hotel chain is one of the largest in theNetherlands. What's the secret behind this success? A personal atmosphere, hospitality, comfort, good facilities, a central location and an attractive price. All 32 locations are owned by Bastion Hotels. And with hotels in cities ranging fromGroningentoMaastricht, and one inGermany, the chain boasts over 3000 rooms in the meantime. 


Whole new-build project

The tender for the Tilburg-based Bastion hotel arrived at Hurks’ door thanks to comprehensive plans it had drawn up for the Bastion Hotel in Waalre (Diepenvoorde), where Hurks real-estate development is currently working. “Hurks had been discussing with the Bastion Hotel Group for quite some time when the new-build project for Tilburg Bastion Hotel was mentioned. It made sense to participate in the tender, and we ended up winning it. Engineering bureau Bekker & Stroband, which is responsible for managing all new-build and renovation projects for Bastion Hotels, officially awarded us the whole new-build project on 11 November 2014”, says project leader Steven Bossers.

Respond quickly and make effective decisions

Bastion style

The first shovel went into the ground on 6 January 2015. The first prefab elements followed on 2 February, and the highest point was reached on 15 April when the roof structure was placed on the seventh storey. This meant the building had been constructed within just 15 weeks of the foundations being placed. Besides 105 hotel rooms (which is 65 more than the original low-rise building), the high-rise building also features a stylish entrance hall, restaurant, smoking area and fitness room, all of which are in keeping with the Bastion's modern style. The new-build was constructed using prefab concrete inner walls, inner leafs and floors featuring traditional masonry. Hurks was responsible for the carcase, façade, roof, part of the finishing and the site layout. The remaining elements were supplied by the Bastion Hotel Group and the hotel could be officially opened at the end  of October. 

Respond quickly

The collaboration between Hurks and the Bastion Hotel Group was pleasant and flowed smoothly. Steven Bossers: “It's not often that you see a director/owner being so closely involved with the day-to-day operations of his organisation. But in building projects like the one in Tilburg, it allows you to respond quickly and make effective decisions. And I have rarely encountered such a direct way of working.“ 

Whole new-build with an additional 65 rooms

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