Optimum precast structures

Delphi engineering

In the case of high-rise buildings (a minimum of 70 metres) the structure dictates the speed of construction and the building costs. Hurks delphi engineering takes (precast) concrete and steel structures from concept to realisation.

Powerful 3D computer technology

The optimum precast design is simple, inventive and affordable. That's what we construct. We also look after the (detailed) drawings, data provision, planning and co-ordination. Powerful 3D computer technology (Tekla BIM) makes it possible to construct virtually. And eases communication with internal and external parties.

Engineering from concept to detail

Our specialities:

  • Designing and building precast concrete structures that are complex in terms of technology, size and/or form of collaboration
  • Designing and detailing pre-stressed precast structures that will be pre-tensioned and/or post-tensioned
  • Building and advising on precast masonry and decorative precast concrete (architectural or ornamental concrete) 

Constantly refining processes

Hurks precast concrete produces and fits precast concrete in our advanced factories. We constantly improve and refine our process through the combination of a consultant engineer and a practising builder.

In the spotlight: P+R De Uithof

You can read about our interpretation of this complex design in precast concrete in the professional journal Bouwwereld. It won Hurks delphi engineering the Global BIM Awards 2012.

Consultant engineer and practising builder