Craftsmanship in precast concrete

Precast concrete

Concrete is a very special material. None other develops so rapidly. At Hurks, we exploit the many possibilities of concrete mostly in its precast applications. And this is doubly relevant in times when the demand for more, fast, cheap and sustainable building processes is growing.


From technology to assembly

Precast demands specialised know-how. To respond to this, Hurks has its own concrete technologists, constructors, draughtsmen and work preparers. In our factories, we produce wooden and steel templates and reinforcement. Project and production leaders provide co-ordination and our assembly teams put the elements together.

Faultless drawing and calculation

A well-engineered structure contributes greatly to precise project implementation and optimum production efficiency. That's why we attach a lot of value to state-of-the-art drawing and calculation. For this we work closely with the engineers at Hurks delphi engineering.

Peace and simplicity on site

A total precast concept creates peace and simplicity on site. The combination of the structural and architectural properties of precast concrete lead to a rapid, efficient building process. And that saves time and money, particularly in the case of high-rise buildings.

Quality comes first

To stay at the top of our field, we continuously improve our performance through the principles of World Class Manufacturing. Our KOMO, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and VCA** certification is your guarantee of the highest quality. And when it comes to sustainability, we firmly believe in an integrated approach. That's why BREEAM certification and reducing CO2 emissions are standard in our production process.


Our projects are engineered in 3D and BIM, which means that what you see is exactly what you get. We exclusively use these 3D/BIM models to study and control the production process. In 2010 and 2012, Hurks won the TEKLA Global BIM award for the best concrete project.

Tailor-made building components factory-produced

Structural concrete


Complete sandwich elements

Hurks produces, delivers and assembles complete structures for parking garages, office buildings, hospitals and residential buildings. The sandwich façade elements consist of a load-bearing inner wall combined with a façade sheet with glazed window frames and installations. All the tailor-made elements are produced in our factory. Following transport, we assemble the load-bearing and façade structure in one building phase without scaffolding. This makes the building time relatively short – also in the case of complex, non-repeating floor plans.

Architectural concrete

Every finish and shape is possible

When it comes to finish, colour, materials and shape, the possibilities of concrete are endless. We can add practically any material to the precast elements, such as glass or metal particles for example. Brick strips or real bricks, tiles and ceramics give the building a traditional look. And etching, sand-blasting or polishing can result in a stunningly eye-catching appearance. Using rubber moulds, we can even integrate portraits, letters or other images in concrete. Give free rein to your creativity and challenge us!

The possibilities of concrete are endless

Precast masonry


Freedom and flexibility: endless variety

Precast masonry offers a lot of freedom and flexibility but it also calls for a different way of thinking. Hurks has developed a working method for this that is based on modular design: the design tool.

Extremely slim concrete structures



Pushing back limits

Celebrated architects such as Callatrava and Ricciotti have chosen our High Performance Concrete and Ultra High Performance Concrete to produce extremely slim concrete structures. At Hurks, we constantly look for ways of extending the limits of the material. In fact, we’re at our best when we’re involved as co-designer.

650 square metres per day

Collaborating in a construction team

We are happy to collaborate with you at an early stage - preferably as part of a construction team – to investigate how we can use the benefits of precasting to best advantage. Making constructive choices during the design phase makes the realisation process run more efficiently. Thanks to our know-how and experience, we are often able to put forward solutions that lead to improved efficiency and a better end-result, for our clients and the final users.

Tailor-made solutions

Of course, it is always possible to provide tailor-made solutions. Depending on the size of the project, it is even possible to make these tailor-made solutions 'ready-to-wear'. The keyword here is chain integration. It's important that the parties involved work in a complementary way on realising the project, on a basis of equality, solution-focus and transparency.

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