Takeover Hurks prefab division to realise international growth

Date: 11.07.2017

EINDHOVEN - Investment companies HB Capital and Opportunity Partners have taken over the industrial construction components division (€120 million turnover, 360 employees) of the Hurks group. The division is a global leader and trendsetter in prefab elements for residential tower blocks and utility buildings. The company will now be able to grow even faster at national and international level; independently and under its own name.

Famous for unique approach

For many years, the industrial division of the Hurks group has been nationally and internationally renowned for its innovative prefab building concepts, which allow whole buildings to be realised using large pre-fabricated elements. The use of high-grade prefab elements allows higher quality projects to be realised in under half of the regular construction time. This helps to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for owners. The large-scale London City Island and London Royal Wharf projects have generated a lot of interest in London, and the company is now actively working on several large follow-up projects. In the Netherlands, the Hurks subsidiary was responsible for the Symphony residential and office tower at the Zuidas in Amsterdam and the Jeroen Bosch Hospital in ’s-Hertogenbosch.

Takeover accelerates growth

Unique component qualities have resulted in major international demand for the division's special concept. Strong demand and successful (financial) performance at the Hurks subsidiary have made it possible to modernise and expand the factories in Veldhoven and Tilburg. The Hurks family, which holds all shares at the division, sees the sale as an opportunity for the new company to accelerate growth via international expansion. Investment companies HB Capital and Opportunity Partners have acquired the shares and say they are prepared to provide the financial support needed to realise extra growth.

Global leader

The new company is a global leader and trendsetter when it comes to building with prefab elements. These façade elements are manufactured in a conditioned environment and then assembled on-site. It is the only company in the world that offers all specialisations under one roof: an engineering department, a braiding department for reinforcement steel, a formwork factory, a self-designed masonry system, special aluminium façade techniques, assembly and project management. The company combines these qualities in a total concept where engineering, production and assembly are coordinated seamlessly. This approach allows complete wind and water-tight offices, hospitals and residential tower blocks to be realised (façade included). Thus everything ranging from construction to insulation, including the integration of façade elements, windows and framework.

The industrial division has been renowned for many years

Jacco van Dijk, CEO of the new company: ‘The management team fully believes in the company's prospects. That is why we have seized the opportunity to personally get involved in the new company. We are entering a new era, where new ownership will guide us towards accelerated growth. We greatly appreciate the Hurks family for their vision, boundless enthusiasm and trust. They have made the company what it is today. And our challenge is to pick up where they left off. We are looking forward to the partnership with HB Capital and Opportunity Partners.’

The Hurks family: ‘The new-found independence at HBE offers the division the chance to explore major opportunities for international growth in a short space of time. And the new owners will be able to work with the existing management team to fully exploit these international possibilities. The Hurks group will now fully focus on its core activities: construction, development and maintenance We wish the new company, the new owners, the management team and all employees a lot of success in the future.'

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